e² Camp Experiences

Schools may be out for the summer, but learning doesn’t have to be

Young Engineers e² LEGO® bricks camps are an exciting experience for participants of all ages. During the summer we encourage continued learning. Our various camp programs offer our premier edutainment (education + entertainment) experience. We offer three types of access to our e² camp experience:

LEGO® bricks  day at Camp e²

LEGO® bricks @ Your Camp

LEGO® bricks Camp

LEGO® bricks Day at Camp

We offer a unique service for summer camps and their campers. We are available to come to your camp to run an exciting one-day program. Our trained Young Engineers instructors will come to your camp and run our exclusive LEGO® bricks building workshops with campers of all ages. Our staff will bring all of the materials for your campers to be able to build our exclusive LEGO® parts models and mechanical robots. We are a great color-war specialty activity, employing our edutainment program in conjunction with friendly competition. Young Engineers LEGO® bricks day at camp can also just be a cool specialty day to add to your summer calendar. Contact our representatives to discuss ways we can tailor our e² Young Engineers programs for the needs of you camp and campers.

e² LEGO® bricks @ Your Camp

In addition to our one time specialty day, we offer a camp service on a more consistent basis. Young Engineers is available to come and run our program in conjunction with your already running camp. We will send our expertly trained Young Engineer professionals to your camp to lead our various enrichment programs daily or weekly depending on your needs. We work with campers of all ages and all different learning abilities. Contact our representatives to discuss ways we can tailor our e² Young Engineers LEGO® bricks programs for the needs of your camp and campers.

e² LEGO® bricks Camp

Many of our privately owned and run e² Young Engineers franchisees offer a 1-2 weeks camp experience. These camps provide participants with an exciting way to learn and have fun through building LEGO® parts models. The camp experience provides children with a safe and comfortable environment to get excited about learning and meet new friends while on their summer vacation. These camps adapt our regularly run enrichment programs into daylong camp activities. Contact our representatives to find an e² Young Engineers LEGO® bricks camp near you.

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