LEGO isn’t just for
kids anymore…

Adult LEGO days

We offer a unique teambuilding experience for adults through constructing our exclusively made LEGO models. Our Young Engineers instructors come to our office or business and work with employees for a fun and exciting day to learn and work together. We bring all materials necessary for construction of the model and activity. We work with companies of all different sizes and purpose. Contact us for more information on Adult LEGO days.

Parents and Children Day Play together, learn together

Since LEGO has been well known for generations, it has become a common ground between different age groups. This is why we have a variety of very successful programs for adults and children. Young Engineers offers special events for parents and children to work together on one of our exclusively made LEGO models. It’s an educational and enjoyable experience parents and children can share together. We offer these programs for various different occasions including family day at your office or school. Contact us for more information on our Parent and Children days.

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