Suitable for Pre-Schools: 4-6 year-olds
Average lesson duration: 45 minutes

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e² Young Engineers believes in education through play. Our Big Builders unique alternative learning enrichment program introduces pre-school aged children to scientific concepts through hands-on experiential learning. We hope that establishing this connection between learning and fun at such a young age will set our participants up for future successful learning and creating.

Our Big Builders will construct 3D models using flexible parts. Students will receive kits complete with building tools and parts exclusively made by Young Engineers for our Big Builders program. These activities will gradually challenge participants in order to advance their fine and gross motor skills. This enrichment program will expose our builders to engineering terminology. In addition students will get be familiarized with simple concepts about the animal kingdom, larger principles of science and their everyday surroundings.

Through their play with co-builders, our young scholars will advance their interpersonal communication. They will gain confidence about his/her own ability to discover and invent.

Overview of Big Builder curriculum

e2 Young Engineers’ strong core values surround the concept of education through play. We believe that lessons are learned and absorbed more easily through hands-on experiential learning. That is why our students will finish the Big Builders enrichment programing having a better understanding of everyday mathematic and scientific concepts.

Big Builder lessons include discussions about shapes, spatial recognition and moveable verse immovable parts. Our instructors use proper math and science terminology familiarizing students with more accurate language of the field. Builders learn simple addition and subtraction through building their models. Students will also discover basic principles of fractions as they learn the idea of parts of a whole.

We introduce laws of physics on a basic level through demonstrations of centrifugal force, gravity, torque, stability, friction, momentum, mechanical energy, balance, compaction and drive. Additionally, because many of our Big Builder models have nature/animal themes, students will learn basic concepts of biology.

Big Builder secondary objectives

  • Increase knowledge about the world and environment
  • Enhance sense of community and feelings of belonging
  • Encourage independent and creative thinking
  • Develop a sense of self-efficacy and problem solving capabilities
  • Boost team building, cooperation and group play skills

Big Builder model themes:

  • Basic geometric shapes
  • Animals
  • Solar system
  • Amusement park rides
  • Transportation
  •  Aircrafts

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